INTERFISH LTD was established in 1995 in Sofia, Bulgaria.  Initially, its business began with import and trade of fishing tackle. Now, it is a representative of leading world trademarks. It holds a good market share and increasingly gains its distributors` confidence. In 2000 INTERFISH LTD planned to invest in setting up a manufacture of fishing floats. Enthusiastic fishermen, who know the structure and nature of the product, undertook the task.


Currently, there are 8 (eight) people working in the factory and the annual production is 400 000 items. Our production is mainly designed to meet the demands of small clients who need floats with their own style. We are able to make and offer you a collection of models with your own trademark. The technology and equipment are bought from Italy. We only use materials of high quality of the European companies MCM and SPYERLACK.




The main raw material we use, balsa, is of high quality, low weight and homogeneous composition, which ensures an excellent carrying capacity of the floats and repeated results. We offer different kinds of construction and assembling according to the demands and specific requirements of each client






The quality assurance check is kept under control at all steps of the production process, from the raw bodies to the ready product. Each detail is paid a special attention. We guarantee the stability of the construction as well as the varnish cover.
We pay particular attention to the aesthetic appearance of the fishing floats. We use all modern painting techniques.

You will be pleased with our competence and helpfulness. The focal points in our production are excellent quality, good price and adherence to the deadlines of the orders!